The existing constitution is available below. It was reviewed at our AGM in March this year.

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SPINA BIFIDA is a congenital abnormality resulting in the bones of the spine not joining properly, exposing the spinal cord leaving it liable to damage and infection.  Surgery shortly after birth lessens the risk of infection but inevitably some disability results.  Some are more severely affected and are confined to wheelchairs while others less severely disabled can walk with the aid of calipers and crutches.


HYDROCEPHALUS literally means "water on the brain".  Excess cerebral fluid accumulates and if untreated can cause brain damage.  Since the early 60s it has been possible to insert a valve to drain the fluid and prevent the build up of pressure.


Both abnormalities can occur independently but often occur together.  Until 1960 most babies with Spina Bifida or Hydrocephalus died soon after birth, but surgical advancements have enabled many born since then to survive.

The Isle of Wight Association members range from babies to adults.

We help members by:

providing special equipment to aid physical development

provision of financial assistance for mainland hospital and school visits

social contacts with families with similar problems

advice and distribution of information on a wide variety of problems

provision of loans at low interest rates for things such as car purchase, home adaptation, holidays etc

grants to disabled members to help provide independence through: home furnishing, cars, car adaptions,holidays, career opportunity assistance etc 

outings, parties and meetings

support for community projects, helping the disabled

encouragement and support for disabled members to take an active part in Island life



We raise funds through collections at island locations, through street collections, and other fund raising events.  We always welcome support from Island groups that raise funds for us, and all of our funds are used to support members with disabilities on the Isle of Wight.